For Dentists

Preparing fixed and removable prostheses for all over Europe. We support all implantation systems.

For Dental Technicians

Lease moulding from gold

Your money is not wasted on metal residue, you only pay for the serviceable parts here. Moulding is done with a vacuum casting machine programmable to gold, which can only result in the successful final denture output. Please call for further information on prices. Phone number: +36 20 366 10 80

Lease moulding from non-precious metal

Preparing frameworks with CAD CAM technology

  • Zirconium framework using Cercon (Degudent) technology from the German centre (Compartis)
    • from Zirconium – up to 14 teeth,
    • from Gold – – up to 14 teeth – BiOcclus 4,
    • from Cr-Co – – up to 14 teeth,
    • from Ti – up to 14 teeth Ancylos special implant special heads,
    • PMMA – up to 14 teeth.

For Patients

Denture correction

Preparing anti-snore appliances

We only need the toothprint and a bite and we prepare the appliance for you.

Free professional support

Since all of us would like find the most professional and able dentist to treat the given problem, we help you in this respect too. We aim to find the best possible solution. Don’t hesitate to call us, you will not regret it.

Professional Support

  • Support in professional technologies, sharing experience with dental technicians
  • Professional support in dental technology.
  • Helping dentists to plan successful jobs in dental technology and choose the most appropriate materials and technologies.


  • OKJ technical training centre
  • Adult education centre
  • Individual tuition
  • Courses and Trainings for beginners and more advanced learners