Imre Ferbár Mdt.

I am Imre Ferbár Ftm., master dental technician. The path leading to my professional career was simple. My godfather and my cousin were both in the profession, and since I have good dexterity, I made the same choice.

I began my studies in László Schultze Ftm. master dental technician’s lab in 1978. I grew up on drawn crowns, sealed bridges and high gloss moulding. Nevertheless, up-to-date technology started to spread in this time already. I had to learn a lot quite fast, which was very useful, since I learnt a great number of professional tricks in the two years of training. I feel that I saw and did a lot more, than my fellow apprentices.

I graduated in 1980 and I chose this lab as my workplace among many others, as this was the best place to develop my knowledge and also numerous interesting jobs requiring high quality knowledge were waiting for me here.

I earned Mastership in 1986.

I took part in numerous trainings. One of the most important ones was the anchylose course and the Földvár Congresses are also worth mentioning.

I like dealing with the professional development of apprentices and colleagues. I find joy in making them understood what is good and bad in their work.

I have worked in this lab for 30 years and I feel I have learnt a lot and I still keep on learning. One can never stop training himself, there is always something new in the profession worth learning.

This year I have become a professional representative for a big American metal making firm. I love doing this as well, since in this position I also have to deal with colleagues’ professional development and I have other duties besides this.

I hope I can spend many more years in this profession and together we can make people’s life better and more beautiful.