Viktória Rudolf

I met dental technology in 2002. I managed to become an apprentice in the Schultze Lab. I was lucky to get in to a high quality lab of excellent reputation where I could gain high quality professional knowledge.

I became part of a very good team, I learnt a lot from the elder apprentices and mainly from my masters, László Schultze Ftm. and Imre Ferbár.

I successfully passed the vocational examination in 2005 and since then I have continued to be employed by the Schultze Lab, and I take part in trainings every year.

The work done in the lab is of great diversity and of the highest professional quality with the most up-to-date technological background. Work processes in the Schultze Lab are not broken down into separate parts so we have the possibility to learn and apply each and every work stage.

In this way the success of final dental technology products lies in the co-ordination of the universal but at the same time specialised dental technician and the work processes built on one another. My most important activities are bridgework substructures and dentures, as well as combined works.

I hope I will be able to go on practising the profession and develop my knowledge for a long time, so that I can make patients happy, since this is of utmost importance I believe.